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Our 2008

18th Century Picnic

April 26th, 2008    Prescott, Arizona




































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What is the 18th Century Picnic all about?

Each year the friendly family of We Make History travels to the 18th century for a day of family fun. 18th century attire, lunch on the lawn, poetry and historic games such as lawn bowling, roll the hoop and jumping rope are all part of the fun.

But our Picnic is not a reenactment per se. Nor is it a public "event" though guests are welcome. It is simply a family picnic which incorporates some fun and education from the 1700s, an annual day we set aside for the enjoyment of the families - especially the children and young people - who are involved with We Make History. We give the Picnic an 18th century theme and hold it each year at or near the anniversary of Paul Revere's ride. 18th century attire is encouraged in the spirit of the occasion but is not required. Victorians occasionally drop by as do 21st century friends. Toward the end of the day a football has been known to be thrown ...

We shall be bringing a flag (as a rallying point) and will also be bringing a classic "hoop and stick" toy, a game of horseshoes and of course a set for lawn bowling!
Some suggestions for others to bring would be...
a good long jump rope
a rope for "tug-of-war"
a badminton set (a sport of kings in the 17th century)
a poem, song, play or dramatic reading either to perform yourself or for all of us to do together
a musical instrument with which you might contribute your talent
any other good thing you may think of.
All should bring...
Food, non-alcoholic beverages, desserts or snacks for yourselves and perhaps some extra to share as well.
Blankets to sit on.
Our rendezvous shall be at the west end of Granite Creek Park at Noon on Saturday the 26th of April. If you have historic attire go ahead and wear it. Any time period is welcome but with a particular emphasis on the 18th century. If you don't have historic attire then come modern.
We do look forward to spending a pleasant day in the good company of the fine people of Yavapai County.
Your servants,
Lord & Lady Scott